For over two thousand years Christians have been gathering together on a Sunday morning to worship God together. Some people are familiar with the saying that church is the people, not the building. More people tend to think of church as a service. However a service is just one expression of a community that together make up a church, in the same way that a family mealtime isn’t a family, it’s just a way we express an spend time together as a family. In fact, family is a great way to understand church, and the language of a new family is one of the ways Jesus talked about his followers.


We gather to worship, which isn’t singing or reading liturgy required by God, rather these are expressions we use to help us focus on God together. As we open the eyes of our hearts to look at God we believe we are experiencing his gaze upon us, like two people deeply in love looking into one another’s eyes. In times of worship, many people individually and together say they experience a feeling that they understand to be the presence or closeness of God.

Cow Bay

Cow Bay, affectionately know as “The little church by the sea” meets at 9am on Sunday morning. The service is 1hr. We sing songs, some modern, some traditional. We pray prayers, read the scripture and listen to a short (and hopefully interesting) talk highlighting one main aspect of the days scriptures. We confess our sins, and break bread and drink wine in the way the Jesus instructed his followers to mark his death and resurrection.

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