Connect with us

Hi everyone, welcome to our parish website. This page, as you can probably tell is a temporary holding page. Some hosting changes have forced a quick rebuild - our full site will be here soon. In the meantime, We'd love to connect with you in person and hopefully you'll want to connect in some way with all that God is stirring up among us here in Eastern Passage and Cow Bay.

We meet twice on a Sunday, and that is a great place to connect first,
or if you prefer a personal connect, please reach out via email.

Email US 
or leave a message
at 902-465-4767

Sunday Services:

9am - Christ Church, Cow Bay
1609 Cow Bay Rd
Cow Bay, NS B3G 1L1

1030am - St Peters Church
346 Cow Bay Rd,
Eastern Passage,  NS B3G 1C6